Transhumant Human Space Highlighter

"Bizkaia Eskutik" a collaboration project between artisans and designers, an initiative promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

Piece felted by hand from Latxa sheep's wool, the only one of its kind in the wild and from here. It evokes the world of transhumance and reveals a way of life that is disappearing: the shepherd's life as we traditionally understand it. It expresses the identity of our territory and brings Basque culture closer to those who visit us.

A little piece of our landscape.

Standard dimensions: Open 60x45cm
XXL Dimensions: Open 120x60cm
Material: 100% Latxa sheep wool
Artisan: Soledad Santisteban
Designers: Angelica Barco, Ana Gazpio, Brigitte Sauvage

"We must take care of our traditions, if we lose our memory we lose our roots and our identity".

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