Soledad Santisteban, craftswoman, restorer and textile creator

With a degree in Geography and History, I am an expert in conservation and restoration of textile heritage and a researcher and textile creator using different textile techniques. Knowledge of the traditional textile world has been my fascination and natural fibres, my vocation. Wools, linens, cottons, silks, have always been around me.

An unexpected turn in my life at the beginning of the 80's, places me in Granada, surrounded by looms and very singular people around the textile world. Everything seemed to fit together and I fell in love with weaving, with textiles. I began my career working on handlooms, researching fabrics, technology, analysis of fabrics, fibres, techniques, processes and their conservation. Over the years, I have delved deeper into the exploration and research of the textile world.

In fact, the textile world, in its different faces and expressions, has been with me throughout the different stages of my life. Sometimes with more structured and rigorous proposals, such as the creation of some fabrics and restoration. At other times in my life, the proposals have been freer and more creative, such as felting and other disciplines of textile creation.

I am able to develop and combine many of the textile techniques I have known over the years and it is in felting that I combine them. This has allowed me to develop my artistic potential and expression. In the meeting of technique and material I discover new places. A conversation is generated in which the material shows me the way, the next step, and allows me to open up new ways of exploring these dialogues.

Felting offers me the perfect scenography: format and technique to develop a scene in which I unfold my creative freedom, at this stage of my life. The interaction of the raw material, which has not gone through intermediate processes, with the technique, connects me with the work.

At this time, training and artistic creation occupy my space in the workshop.

If you want to see the work done over the years, click on the following link:
Soledad Santisteban portfolio

"I share my workshop, my knowledge and my creativity with all those who are as enthusiastic as I am about the value of the traditional from a contemporary point of view".

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